Waiting and waiting…Shit!!just 24 days Left!!

Yep…waiting and waiting….somethin that I always do recently.

Waiting for what??

Waiting to move out from my city, my home, and my daily life in bandung, just 24 more days. Waiting to use my brain again??yeah, I never pushed my brain to work so hard recently..everyday just sleep, sleep and sleep..

BRAVO SLEEPP…fiuh..after my final assignment accomplished a couple months ago, actually I never use my brain for a “hard thinkin” thing, until 2 months ago, I used my brain for some “hard thinkin” things again, hmmm maybe it wasn’t that hard..but math??physics?reading??counting???ooo…that was so hard for me after I retired my brain for a while..heheh..My first edition of “brain using” started on my job test from Astra International, I made it until stage 2, but 2 weeks later I got bad news from them, I failed…What the heck…

“Brain Using”??that’s all about maybe, but I have to move on, a few days later I had job test with LG and Chevron but I didn’t come, now I accepted on Prasetiya Mulya Business School to enroll my postgraduate, my new campus, my new home, new friends, new environment, soo.. a 2nd edition of my “Brain Using” just begun..

I just curious, and wonder about all the new things…

If you don’t know where prasetiya mulya is, maybe this can give you a picture of my new campus:

the campus:

it is located on Tb. Simatupang, don’t know yet??have no clue??

just 1,2 Km to Citos and 1 Km from my “kos-kosan”

Far enough to reduce my fat hah? 😀 I hope so…

so when I come home to Bandung, my weight only a half from what I am now..

You WissHH!!!

Now, I only have 24 days left to enjoy Bandung, hehe not 24 days actually, arround 20 days I guess, on june 30th I’ll have my class, my first class..hmm..

Wish me luck guys, but still, bandung ROCKS …


~ by kharizmi on June 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Waiting and waiting…Shit!!just 24 days Left!!”

  1. yeahhhh…hmmm…bagus sih miw….tapi judulnya bikin bingung…lo kesel ato seneng sih ninggalin bandung??jadi bias gara2 judul lo…hahahahaha sok editor nih gw…:P
    btw…don’t forget to come back okay? traktir gw….hehehehehe…

  2. heheh…antara seneng ga seneng sii…
    yah gitu lah…blom kerasa..tar lah kalo udah cao dari sini baru testi-testi..
    iya neh judulnya ganti gtu ya??ahh sudahlah, baru belajar…

  3. akh elu mah….ga jelas…hehehehehehe….udahlah namanya jg awal…hahahaha….testi-testi naon atuh pak?
    ditunggu deh traktiranna…^^v

  4. Naon ateuh..teu ngarti abdi oge..traktir naoon deui?
    Blm gawe ko disuruh traktir2?

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